Curriculum Intent Statement

Marlborough Centre Curriculum Intent Statement

At the Marlborough Centre we believe in the potential of each and every one of our pupils.  We are aspirational, creative, focused and dedicated to developing not only learning in academics but developing pupils as a whole to benefit from all the world has to offer them.  Our areas of intent for our curriculum are:

Communication – Our driving focus is to develop pupil’s communication skills so that they can make their needs and wants known as well as purposely engaging with the world around them.

Pre Requisite Skills – Recognising, that for an increasing number of our pupils, skills such as listening,  understanding and following direction, taking part in work at tables, working as part of a group and emerging reading and writing skills need to be embedded across our curriculum offer so that children have the best possible chance of accessing academic learning.

Key Academic Skills – A focus on achieving sound foundational knowledge in the key academic areas.  Pupils would begin to curate skills, knowledge and understanding at their level across their curriculum.  This would focus in the majority on core subject learning in Reading, Writing, Maths and Science.

Resilience – Preparing our pupils for an increasingly complex and challenging world is a key consideration for us.  Being able to cope with physical changes to their day/structure as well as emotional resilience when things seem difficult or challenging.

Community Links – Exploring and exploiting community links for our pupils to engage and experience different areas of their community.  Delivering our other areas of intent within a curriculum rich in community involvement.

At the centre of everything we do is the uniqueness of the child.  Our curriculum and teaching time reflect this where fundamental needs and skills need to be addressed before layering new knowledge.  Our Marlborough Pathway Assessment Compass (MPAC) allows us to identify where key areas need particular focus such as Communication, self-help or engagement need increased focused teaching and therefore each child benefits from an individualised curriculum offer throughout their day driven by their Individual Learning Plan (ILP) which includes pertinent areas of the MPAC as necessary.

Core subject teaching is delivered through group delivery or on an individual basis as is most appropriate for each pupil.  The use of Sounds Write to teach phonological awareness alongside writing suits the needs of our learners due to its sequence using pure sounds as well as clearly structured lessons and activities.

We have introduced the use of Cornerstones which develops foundation curriculum areas through four phases of Engagement, Development, Innovation and Expression.  Selection of topics were based on developmental criteria rather than age related expectation due to the high needs of our pupils which will allow for more appropriate differentiation.  Careful selection of topics as well as extended terms given for coverage in years 5 and 6 allows for extension, challenge and greater depth learning.  The inclusion of an expectation that learning should be led through texts supports our focus on reading development across the Centre.

Our curriculum shape changes from child to child according to their needs, abilities and current challenges.  Our curriculum and teaching is flexible, focused and sequential to reflect the individual and bespoke nature of our offer as is suited to our particular setting.  Our Centre values of Courage, Confidence, Respect and Belonging drives everything we do within the Centre.

Teaching and learning for all of our pupils is approached at an individual level.  Every pupil, regardless of advantage or minority status receives bespoke and focused teaching with their ILP reflecting the identified areas of need.

Our PSHE lead has been looking at the LORIC schemes of work and will review these, along with the SEAL, SMSC and British Values to see how these materials can best be used and accessed by our pupils across the curriculum in a meaningful way.